Should Maine’s Private High Schools Compete in their own Class?

Recently, the membership of the Maine Principals’ Association opted to divide its 138 basketball playing schools into five classes from four.  Since then I had an interesting conversation.  It was a debate I’ve engaged in periodically with others.  While we are in the process of reclassifying, should private schools be competing on the same plane […]

Rams, Witches Scheduled to Renew Gridiron Rivalry

While those of us in the northeast begin to enjoy the anticipated warm weather, football league officials are finalizing schedules for the upcoming fall season.  A few schools and conferences have prepared and released their calendars for the 2015 campaign.  In perusing the Brewer Witches schedule for the fall, one intriguing contest sticks out in […]

Rivalries Renewed as Maine Basketball Shifts to Five Classes

Last Thursday’s decisive vote by the Maine Principals’ Association’s membership spawned a new era for the state’s high school basketball programs.  Teams will be separated into five classes from the traditional four beginning this upcoming season.  Whether you agree or disagree with the change in format, this modification will be in place for at least […]

Baseball Success the “Bangor Way”

The 2015 edition of the Bangor High School baseball team began their quest in earnest this week to win a second consecutive state championship.  The Rams appear to have picked up where they left off a season ago when they shutout Windham in the state title game.  Armed with strong starting pitching, Bangor shutout Hampden […]

Skowhegan Indians: What’s in a Name

Over the past fifteen years, a number of schools throughout our state have grappled with the issue of Native American mascots.  At the crux of the matter is a desire by some to hold on to tradition.  Does the need to maintain custom supersede the respect of all?  What offends one does not bother all […]

Maine High School Basketball: A State of the Game Address

Sports fans have developed a number of favorite pastimes over the years.  Tailgating in the stadium parking lot before the big game.  Playing armchair quarterback on Monday morning.  Filling out the bracket following Selection Sunday.  Bragging about your knowledge of college basketball until your bracket is busted by the same time the following weekend. Another […]

It Takes a (Sports) Village to Raise an Adult

“It takes a village to raise a child.” – African proverb In 1996, First Lady Hillary Clinton borrowed this phrase and authored a book based on this premise.  What seemed like an innocuous treatise at the time turned out to take on a life of its own.  Of course, what else is new in the […]

MPBN’s Lisa Richards Sees Growth in Girls Basketball

This is the second of a two-part series with MPBN’s Lisa Richards. Lisa Richards has provided thoughtful insight for the viewers of MPBN’s Eastern Maine girls tournament coverage for the past thirty years.  During that time and even dating back to her playing days at MDI High School, Richards has seen significant change in the […]