Tourney 2017: Unsung Heroes, Heroines Lead Title Runs

The day after.  It’s a day that has become an annual tradition for me.  It’s a time to digest the feast that was forty-two games of the Northern Maine Class B, C, and D basketball tournament at Bangor’s Cross Insurance Center.  One doesn’t have to think long when reflecting upon outstanding performances of the week. […]

Favorite Tourney Memories Don’t Involve Basketball

This Friday night will mark my thirty-second year attending high school basketball tournament games.  Over that time I’ve witnessed well over a thousand contests.  Of course there are games that I’ll relive for a lifetime.  I witnessed the Lawrence boys’ major upset in 1986 over Waterville when freshman Troy Scott hit the shot to send […]

Is the Quality of Basketball Down? Maybe not

In numerous travels to gyms throughout northern Maine this winter, I’ve heard the mantra repeated by several veteran basketball observers.  Basketball is down.  Those who utter the expression may have good reason for doing so.  Then again, maybe not. Comparisons are the natural thought process of the sports fan, especially those of us who have […]

Players Resilient in Face of One-Sided Defeats

This past Thursday evening was similar to many other nights during the winter season in Maine, albeit the temperature was in the mid-forties and rain was falling.  It was around 8:30 and I was just arriving home from an evening of high school basketball.  On my phone was a message from a fellow veteran Maine […]

Laughter, Thoughts, Tears Define 2016

“If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day.  That’s a heck of a day.”- Jim Valvano- 1993 ESPY Awards It’s been nearly a quarter century since the late coach turned broadcaster Jim Valvano delivered that memorable speech.  It’s a speech that is replayed at least once a year as ESPN carries […]

Youth Basketball: The Beginnings of a Basketball Journey

While snow was falling last Saturday morning many athletic administrators were on the phone postponing scheduled basketball contests.  With the wintry conditions, those looking for live basketball would be hard pressed to find a game in the greater Bangor area. The white stuff falling from the sky didn’t stop the basketballs from bouncing for a […]