Time to Give Youth Sports a Much Needed Enema

Like most kids growing up, through going to school and being present inside other notable germ factories I had my share of colds, flu, etc.  My late grandmother would come visit the house and offer some sage advise.  “What you need is a good enema and an alcohol rub”.  The idea was for these two […]

High School Football: Scheduling Done Right in 2017

Tick.  Tick.  Tick.  The clock winds down in the second half of another one-sided high school football game on a Maine gridiron.  Over the past couple seasons many clocks have moved more quickly in such contests.  Once a team amasses a lead of thirty-five or more in the second half, the clock does not stop […]

Enjoyment of Sport is Reward Enough

As we approach the conclusion of another high school sports year, it also marks the end of another sports season writing this weekly piece.  Every so often I will receive an email, sometimes from a disgruntled reader wondering why I don’t cover this sport or that activity.  I always find these letters interesting.  The assumption […]

Fans on Basketball Officials: Make up your Minds Already!

Basketball fans or sports fans in general have a collective reputation for being non-objective.  By definition fans are never going to be objective.  After all, the word fan is short for fanatic.  Therefore, when it comes to sports fandom all rational thought ceases, especially when the hometown team is involved.  Sports fans also tend to […]

Players: Heed this Advice from Coach Wooden

Americans are increasingly busy.  Or so we are lead to believe, anyway.  I’m sure our predecessors who worked on farms or in factories during the 19th century would beg to differ.  The leisurely, simpler times of yesteryear are more myth than reality.  Maybe we are busier today but the pertinent question is:  busy doing what? […]

UCONN Women’s Basketball: A Beacon for All

March Madness jacked up the intensity as second round play began on Saturday.  There will be a new men’s basketball champion crowned this year as Villanova fell to Wisconsin.  Purdue blew a nineteen point second half lead as Iowa State charged ahead before the Boilermakers made enough plays down the stretch to pull out the […]

The Ultimate March Madness Bracket Guide

As the high school sports calendar hits a lull, so too will I take a break as I focus on another passion of mine:  the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Selection Sunday is upon us, the dawn before the greatest three weekends on the national sports landscape. Like millions of Americans who love, casually observe, or have […]