Monthly Archives: September 2016

Why Me? (No I’m Not Throwing a Pity Party)

In the nearly three years since I’ve been writing this weekly column, ideas for future topics have flowed through my brain at peculiar times and places.  The impetus for this week’s piece came from of all things, a trip to the men’s room.  How can a trip to relieve oneself result in a seven-hundred some […]

Senior League World Series Leaves Bangor: Now What?

The Senior League World Series has been a summertime staple in Bangor for the past fifteen years.  With Little League Baseball’s decision to abolish their Big League division, the SLWS will be held in Easley, South Carolina beginning in 2017.  The world series’ departure leaves an incredible void for the greater Bangor baseball community. So […]

Heartbroken: Senior League World Series Leaves Bangor

“It is a kick to the teeth”.  That’s how Senior League World Series tournament director Mike Brooker described the feeling when Little League officials recently delivered some devastating news.  The 2016 Senior League World Series would be the final one held in the Queen City, at least for the foreseeable future. The news came as […]