Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Value of Team Extends Well Beyond the Games

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”– President John F. Kennedy, January 20th, 1961 Flash forward fifty-five years.  We would be wise to hearken back to that great inaugural speech.  We live in a day where those who run for public office, […]

Tourney 2016: Ten Questions Awaiting Answers

Every tournament week is a blank canvas awaiting the artists’ color to create a new masterpiece.  Which players will leave their indelible marks in tourney lore? As we await with unabated anticipation another tournament week, we all wonder what will be in store as we make our annual pilgrimages.  As we prepare for tourney 2016, […]

Tourney 2016: Don’t Sleep on these Teams

With each year the high school basketball season seems to encompass several seasons within a season.  Teams may struggle at the outset only to find their collective way come tournament time.  Favorites emerge, which sometimes can change several times during the course of the two plus month campaign. All of the hard work reaches its […]

Sell Out Crowds Greet Rivals in Regular Season Finales

With so many entertainment options at ones disposal interest in the local high school basketball scene is waning.  That’s the conventional thought, anyway.  And there is some probably some truth to that notion.  There were many games I attended over the winter in which attendance was quite sparse. Over the past week, fans from rivaling […]