Monthly Archives: November 2014

Thankful for Hoops this Thanksgiving Season

Thanksgiving.  It’s a day we gather with family and friends around the bounty of the table.  Plenty of turkey with all the fixings get consumed, folks gather in the living room watching the seemingly endless amount of football on the tube.  Others may find a cozy spot to spend some time in an over-eating induced […]

Has Four Classes Benefitted Maine High School Football?

With the presentation of four gold balls during this past frigid weekend, the 2014 Maine high school football season came to a close.  It also marked the second season the state’s football playing schools have competed under the four classification system. Despite this weekend’s relatively one-sided state title contests, all four games were decided by […]

Bucksport, MCI Cope with Tragedy while Reaching LTC Final

Adversity.  The word has been overused in athletics to the point where it has become devoid of substantive meaning.  Coaches and athletes when asked to put their seasons into context often speak to having to deal with adversity.  Sure, in a team sports setting, when you spend so much time together, challenging circumstances are bound to arise.  […]