Monthly Archives: October 2014

Witches Football Finds Resurgance Under Arthers

As we begin to spruce up and prepare the house for winter, it’s time to clean the mind of some thoughts taking up residence in the ‘ole gray matter: The most thrilling game from this past weekend occurred in Farmington where the Brewer Witches rallied from a 30-14 deficit in the fourth quarter to take a […]

Football Classic Nets Wolfgram Coaching Milestone

Any outstanding performance, speech, or show, has one thing in common:  it leaves those in attendance wanting more.  Such was the case this past Saturday at Dr. Paul S. Hill Jr. Stadium in Saco.  The opening scene was cast amidst a balmy October afternoon and ended with an autumn chill in the air.  The stadium lights […]

Soccer and Potatoes: Harvest Time in The County

It’s 4:30 in the morning and Taylor Thibodeau of Caribou slowly rises from his slumber.  While most are still in bed, Thibodeau grabs breakfast, throws on some old clothes and heads out for a long day in the potato fields.  Such as been the annual rite of passage for several generations in Aroostook County. Mechanization […]