Tourney 2016: Don’t Sleep on these Teams

With each year the high school basketball season seems to encompass several seasons within a season.  Teams may struggle at the outset only to find their collective way come tournament time.  Favorites emerge, which sometimes can change several times during the course of the two plus month campaign. All of the hard work reaches its […]

Sell Out Crowds Greet Rivals in Regular Season Finales

With so many entertainment options at ones disposal interest in the local high school basketball scene is waning.  That’s the conventional thought, anyway.  And there is some probably some truth to that notion.  There were many games I attended over the winter in which attendance was quite sparse. Over the past week, fans from rivaling […]

Heal Points for Dummies: The Mystery Ends Here

Another basketball season comes to an end and the waiting game begins.  A committee gathers round a large conference table.  Merits and demerits of teams are discussed.  Is Team A with a better record more worthy than Team B, which may have won fewer games but has more high quality wins?  What about the all […]

Press Box Honor Roll Celebrates Excellence

Over the past week, many high school students across Maine took part in that dreaded bi-annual ritual:  exam week.  Leading up to the week, some spent countless hours, burning the midnight oil, in hopes of scoring well.  The next few days will be spent by teachers grading the tests, calculating final grades for the semester. […]

Attention Student-Athletes: “Don’t be THAT Guy” (Or Girl)

We’ve all seen or heard these statements.  A politician, corporate executive, or educational administrator issues a written explanation or delivers a long-winded speech.  These supposed highly educated individuals may use jargon most of us cannot comprehend and for good reason.  This seemingly intentional ambiguousness takes up much time and space, yet in the end says […]

Playing Not to Lose has Merit

They’re leaving it all on the field.  That player is giving 110% effort.  It’s gut-check time.  The ball’s in your court. One thing sport has provided over the last century is an endless vocabulary of cliches.  Whether a sports enthusiast or not, you may have used an expression rooted in athletics forgetting you were doing […]

A Treatise on Sportsmanship: What it is and isn’t

If you attend even a few high school sporting events a year, you’ve heard the speech.  The public address announcer typically takes a moment, sometimes more, to exhort those in attendance to practice good sportsmanship.  Often the pregame address will go into detail as to what types of behavior constitutes poor sportsmanship. So what is […]

Press Box Extra: Rose Should NOT be in Hall of Fame

This week, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfed, upheld the decision of his predecessor Bud Selig in denying Pete Rose’s readmission back into baseball.  Predictably, the many apologists for Rose came out of the woodwork, like cult members guzzling the Kool-Aid. There is no question Rose has Hall of Fame numbers.  His 4,256 hits is […]